Don’t run out of Oil. We have the perfect solutions to monitor your oil tank levels

Oil Monitoring System

Never run out of heating oil again!!
Do  you only find out you need heating oil when you run out? Would it not  be better to avoid a cold house and the panic that goes with it?

With  our heating oil monitoring system, you will never have to pay for  expensive emergency deliveries or emergency containers again. Why not  sit back, relax and let Mr Oil worry about your oil levels.

Mr  Oil monitors your oil levels, via an oil tank receiver and transmitter,  Mr Oil can read  data relating to the level of oil in your tank on a  daily basis.  We fill your tank only when needed so no paying surcharges  for smaller drops.

You will never run out of oil again.  Mr  Oil will alert you to any major changes in oil levels – indicating a  leaking oil tank or theft of your oil

Our Oil Monitoring System will give you that peace of mind.

To enquire or order your oil monitoring system phone Mr Oil on 053 9240534


Apollo Tank Gauge

Order your tank guage today and you can monitor the oil left in your tank. The Apollo tank guage shows levels of fuel in your tank on a 10 bar display so you will always know when to reorder your oil. No more running out of oil or bleeding burners.

Installation The Apollo is easy to install and can be ready for use within minutes. It comes in two parts. The transmitter is fitted on your oil tank, it fits any size or shape of tank up to 3 metres in height. It has a range of 200m and a long life lithium battery. The transmitter is weather proof. It can be used use in tanks for the storage of diesel fuel, kerosene, and gas oil. The receiver is plugged into a suitable and convenient electric socket. The receiver indicates the level of oil left in your tank.

Apollo Tank Gauge will give you that peace of mind.

To enquire or order your tank guage phone Mr Oil on 053 9240534

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